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Get Started with Genealogy
This article is meant for beginners and will cover the basics to help get started in this rapidly growing hobby.

Genealogical Proof Standard
Proving facts and connections without direct evidence is tough, but the GPS is there to help you through the process.

Free Genealogy Websites
Check out these 26 totally free genealogy websites to help you explore your family history and grow your family tree.

What is the Best DNA Test?
This guide will break everything down for you, and help you choose the best test for your specific needs.

23andMe vs AncestryDNA
A thorough comparison of 23andMe vs Ancestry based on the six most important factors to consider before choosing a DNA kit.

Best Genealogy Software
An in-depth look at the best genealogy software to build and manage your family tree.

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Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

How to Use Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Family History Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps are one of the sharpest tools in the genealogist’s toolbox. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to find them, how to read them, and how to incorporate them into your family history research, this article is for you. What are …

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Free Genealogy Courses

This article discusses different websites offering free genealogy courses. Each website listed will contain a summary of what that site has to offer.  The majority of these courses are self-paced. For genealogists who may be seasonal or weekend-warriors, this is perfect! Through the many different routes available, these courses offer a way for people to …

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Where Can I Find My Old Yearbooks

Yearbooks are something we all clung to as young students, and, as such, they are often a way we can reminisce about the good old days. Other times it can be an embarrassing reminder of our awkward stages. Whether in elementary school or college, we knew that we would be memorialized inside our schools annually …

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Free DNA Upload Websites

The purpose of this article is to discuss the various DNA sites where you can upload your raw data file. Most of these websites are free, but a few require at least a one-time purchase to access. Others may require a monthly subscription fee. Where can I upload my DNA results? You can upload your …

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Free UK Genealogy Websites

For US-based genealogists researching their roots, generally, it is quite simple depending on where your family has been residing. If your family has resided in the US for generations, online documentation may be plenty. However, when we get back to our ancestral country of emigration, the trail sometimes becomes a bit trickier to navigate. Whether …

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Is Ancestry.com Free?

When beginning research on our own family, it is often scary to see the price tag on most of the largely used subscription-based websites. Before putting out the hundreds of dollars, it is important to know your options! Most people tend to dive right into subscriptions through Ancestry before they know of different routes they …

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What Different Family Members Should Call a Brother’s Wife

Trying to figure out what to call certain family members can be confusing at times. This article will outline what different family members should call a brother’s wife. What do you call your brother’s wife? Your brother’s wife is called your sister-in-law.  What is my husband’s brother’s wife called Your husband’s brother’s wife is called …

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MyHeritage Review

With so many genealogy websites available online today, it can be difficult to determine which option will best meet your family history research needs. Learning about the unique features, available record sets, and research options provided by the different genealogy companies can help you make an informed decision- and help you make the most of …

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What is a Third Cousin?

The concept of distant cousins is something that generally confuses people. Hopefully, we can clear up some of those misunderstandings in this article. If you’ve taken a DNA test, you are likely to see matches of yours who range from anywhere between second and third cousins or third to fourth cousins. However, someone on your …

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NewspaperArchive Review

Obituaries were first seen published in ancient Rome around 59 B.C.E. Though these instances were historical outliers, socially we would not normalize the practice of writing death notices or obituaries for a little bit longer. From the history of the printing press, it was unlikely that any of the first publishers would ever think that …

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